Karen Newman: embracing diversity as a Progressive Jew

Karen Newman talks about her background, she was born into an Orthodox Jewish family who went to synagogue 3 times a year, and kept kosher and festivals. She contrasts this with her current membership of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue, which she likes because it is not just something people do on Saturdays, it is about understanding values and traditions and asking if there is right thing to do in a difficult situation. She is pleased that Liberal Judaism values gender equity and diversity and she likes the idea of civil partnership though she sees why it was politically important to go for equal marriage.

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"Rainbow Jews provides an important source of Jewish history. I urge people to get involved and support this project in whichever way they can"
Danny Rich

Rabbi Danny Rich
Liberal Judaism CEO
"I am honoured to support Rainbow Jews and to celebrate the huge positive contribution that Jewish people make to the LGBT community and to our wider society. Jewish and LGBT people share many parallels of oppression and of triumph over adversity. As victims of prejudice, it is important for us to stand together united against all hate."
Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell
Human Rights Defender

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