Mind-mapping with Stoke Newington Focus Group
Mind-mapping with Stoke Newington Focus Group

Resource pack

Rainbow Jews created a fun and educational resource pack for secondary schools. We worked together with teachers and LGBT educators to do this, and we ran focus groups with students to gauge what elements of the heritage they want to learn about.


DOWNLOAD the Rainbow Jews education toolkit here:

NOW AND THEN Lesson Plan 

NOW AND THEN Answer Sheet

NOW AND THEN Transcript Part 1

NOW AND THEN Transcript Part 2

NOW AND THEN Jews in Britain

NOW AND THEN Jewish Jargon


NOW AND THEN Extension Activity

NOW AND THEN Worksheet 1

NOW AND THEN Worksheet 2

The Now & Then Toolkit will be also available via London Metropolitan Archives. Teachers and pupils will enjoy a free, half-day activity complemented with appropriate memorabilia items. Enquire via LMA.




Step 1: Calling all teachers

In 2013, we are carried out a survey of teachers and educators.

The survey was to gather the voices and opinions of those who will use our teaching tools and resource packs, so that we can make them as accessible, relevant and useful as possible.

Archived survey sample: Download the survey from the Schools Out website 

Thank you LGBT History Month and Schools Out for promoting our education materials.


RJ volunteer Rachel co-facilitating a youth focus group in Forest Gate
RJ volunteer Rachel co-facilitating a youth focus group in Forest Gate

Step 2: Focus Groups

We conducted in 2012/13 three focus groups with students and teachers/educators to help us prepare the educational resource packs.

1) The first youth advisory group happened on 5 December 2012, and consisted of 25 pupils, aged 13-15, from Stoke Newington Secondary School.

2) The second youth advisory group took place on 6 November 2013, and was conducted by an RJ volunteer with 21 children and aged 13-16 and their facilitator, from the local Woodcraft Folk Group, Forest Gate.

3) An educator focus group with five education professionals from LMA happened on Tuesday 17 September 2013. This was to ensure that learning materials comply with the national curriculum.


Elly Barnes School Forum#1 Stoke Newington Dec 2012
Youth Advisory Group at Stoke Newington


educator focus group at LMA
educator focus group at LMA












Thank you LMA, Woodcraft Folk Group, diversity champion Elly Barnes and Stoke Newington Secondary School for your kind support.

Many thanks to RJ volunteer education workers Jen Fidai &  Rachel Schon for all the invaluable input.