Keshet l’dor v’dor – Rainbow of Pride from Generation to Generation

World Congress of GLBT Jews in Winnipeg, Canada

World Congress of GLBT Jews in Winnipeg, Canada

Project Manager Surat attended the 21st World Conference of GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans) Jews in Winnipeg, Canada:

‘I felt extremely privileged to be given the opportunity to connect with over 100 international delegates and engage in debates on the state of rights of LGBT people worldwide. Notably, I was the only European participant; I happily accepted that I was going to be some kind of European ambassador, and I really hope I did this role justice. This was the first time that the Congress was held in Canada; I was thrilled {…}’

Read Surat’s blog (click here via Rainbow Jews TUMBLR)



Thank you’s:

I appreciate the support I have received from the JHub Micro Grants Programme. Without Liberal Judaism’s generous support and a scholarship from 21st World Conference of GLBT Jews, this trip wouldn’t have been possible.

And, here some great feedback:

“Our international participation at the 2013 board meeting was widened by having Surat Knan representing the Rainbow Jews Project (UK).  Surat informed the board in some detail about the progress of that project, and added a great deal to the diversity of opinions, ideas, and interests that makes up the board of directors of the World Congress of GLBT Jews: Keshet Ga’avah. The efforts of Liberal Judaism […] and JHub in supporting Surat’s travel to Winnipeg are much appreciated.” (Jonathan Falk, secretary, WCGLBTJ)

You were definitely a breath of fresh air at our conference. Your demeanor, your knowledge and point of view, and most of all – your radiant smile brought life into our Board meetings and Conference in general. Upon finally meeting you we have a person who has oneness […] you provided the conference a unified voice – for which I am very thankful. We succeeded all around! We had unification, spirit, religious flavor, and most of all Simcha at our conference.  We made friends for life. Thank you for coming to Winnipeg, Surat!’ ( Arthur Blankstein, Co-Chair, 21st World Conference of GLBT Jews)


with Olympian champion Paula Parks and Arthur Blankstein (both Conference organisers)

with Olympian champion Paula Parks and Arthur Blankstein (both Conference organisers)



"Rainbow Jews provides an important source of Jewish history. I urge people to get involved and support this project in whichever way they can"
Danny Rich

Rabbi Danny Rich
Liberal Judaism CEO
"I am honoured to support Rainbow Jews and to celebrate the huge positive contribution that Jewish people make to the LGBT community and to our wider society. Jewish and LGBT people share many parallels of oppression and of triumph over adversity. As victims of prejudice, it is important for us to stand together united against all hate."
Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell
Human Rights Defender

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