Our volunteer team

Rainbow Jews is a volunteer-led project

Our core volunteer team has received professional training in Oral History, Archiving and Diversity issues and there’s of course so much more in the pipeline…

Meet some featured core team members (in no particular order):

Greg ReismanGreg Reisman:

Hi, I’m Greg. I’m a lawyer by day and a Rainbow Jews volunteer by night. I’m really grateful and proud to have the opportunity to be part of such an exciting and important project. I’m gay and I’m Jewish and I think it’s interesting that one of those adjectives has a capital and one doesn’t, so I’m looking forward to exploring the relationships between the two and helping to record the history of the UK Jewish LBGT community.
Lara Atkin

Lara Atkin:

I am a former secondary school English teacher who is now working towards a PhD in English and History at Queen Mary, University of London. A colleague of mine told me about the Rainbow Jews project and I was really excited to be involved in a project that would marry my academic interests to my more personal interest in Judaism and LGBT issues. I also think the Rainbow Jews project is a great way of recovering the stories of people whose voices would not otherwise be heard, and raising the profile of the LGBT Jewish community more broadly.’

Rainbow Jews also has attracted numerous professionals who dedicate their time and skills to the project. Meet some featured supporters here:

Simon Mayers

I am a historian and researcher, and I am currently working on projects examining Anglo-Jewish history, the history of Jewish-Christian relations, and the history of antisemitism. I successfully defended my PhD thesis at the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester in 2012. I recently heard about the Rainbow Jews Oral History Project and I am currently transcribing some of the Rainbow Jews interviews as a volunteer on the project. I believe the Rainbow Jews Project is extremely important as it is one of the unexplored dimensions of Anglo-Jewish history. Historians of Anglo-Jewish history are constantly on the look out for new unexplored subjects, and yet the history of British LGBT Jews remains largely untouched and untold. I think the Rainbow Jews Project provides a good remedy for this lacuna.’

Links:  http://simonmayers.com/ and  http://simonmayers.com/category/rainbow-jews/