Alma: about being an LGBT ally

Alma is a student social worker based at Hackney Council. She is an LGBT ally and a co-chair of Keshet UK. Alma is an outspoken activist for LGBT rights.

It’s a community issue that we are not making everyone feel welcome; there’s so much more that we need to be doing as a community“

Read on: Alma Smith transcript

I think Rainbow Jews is incredibly important and I think it’s amazing and exciting and I can’t wait for the launch. I wanted to do the interview because I think the ally’s perspective is important and I think allies being involved is something that’s happening more and it’s part of the future. These testimonies, this history that we’re now going to have so much more accessibly will be so useful in educating the whole Jewish community and beyond, the whole country. It’s through stories we open peoples hearts and I think through Rainbow Jews we will do this”.

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