Rabbi Lionel Blue OBE: a pioneer and legend z”l

Britain’s legendary Rabbi Lionel Blue OBE talks about his early years, family life and Yiddish slang for ‘gay’. Lionel Blue who is famous for his wit and wisdom has also an important message for us all at the end of ‘Amsterdam’.

Lionel Blue was the first gay male rabbi in Britain to come out publicly.


Read rabbi Lionel Blue’s interview transcript here:   Transcription Rabbi Lionel Blue full version edit   (all rights reserved)

The full interview is available at the London Metropolitan Archives by permission only.



His Memory is a Blessing z”l




A special thanks to Anna Barker for edit and FULL transcript. (quite a big job to do – thanks for all your time & energy!)

Thank you Sharon Rapaport for interviewing Rabbi Blue.

Thank you to Gary Italiaander at http://www.italiaander.co.uk/ for giving permission to use Lionel Blue’s portrait for the Rainbow Jews exhibition.

And lastly, thank you Heather Gale for being such an amazing friend to Lionel.