Russell Vandyk tells his Jewish LGBT story: the wheel could turn


Londoner Russell tells the Rainbow Jews project his Jewish LGBT story: The UK’s first Jewish Gay Group in the 1980s, Bagel Fundraisers, hanging out with the boyz and how the Jewish LGBT movement in Briatin came about.

A truly inspiring and witty recount.

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‘This history project is really important because people need to know that things were much more difficult in the past and could go that way again. And that there are still people today who haven’t come out. Who would not feel comfortable doing so. So I think some of the people I know, because I belong to a gay running club who are, you know, just in their early twenties, just think being gay is so easy, effortlessly easy. You can meet people. Well actually when you go back to the 60s and 70s, certainly the 50s, and people were being arrested. And in the Jewish world, of course, it was an abomination. So you have to learn that this is a difficult wheel and it turns and it could just as easily turn the other way. So my message is really to do your history and be on your guard and be aware. I mean the number of stars of David you see people wearing as jewellery, you know in the gay clubs, probably don’t even realize how symbolic that is. Very symbolic and very important; it’s not a bit of jewellery. You know, it’s their roots. So my message .’


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