Our volunteer team spearheaded by James Lesh (Queen Mary University, London) has undertaken extensive research throughout the project. James Lesh put together an extensive list of Jewish LGBT resources and materials publicly accessible both in archives, libraries and online:

Rainbow Jews Mapping (downloadable pdf)



Jewish LGBT Treasure Chest

Our volunteer team has collated and mapped over 500 Jewish LGBT memorabilia items.

Explore some hidden miscellaneous ephemera that belong to private collections:

Greengross Booklet

1996, Elli Sarah speech

1990s, AIDs and Spode

13th annual conference

Lesbian Feminist

Shifra vol 2

Shifra vol 1

shabbat service

Malwa Rose GEN

2007-09 Chroma

Spare Rib

1983 Purim Spiel

1984-85 Purim Spiel Flyers

1987 Clause 28 March


Shrifa vol. 3 (1986)

Jewish Lesbian Conference No 2 (1985)



More Archives with Jewish LGBT history resources:

LAGNA Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive

LGBT History groups

LGBT History Club at the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) or check out the LGBT History at LMA Facebook page





"Rainbow Jews provides an important source of Jewish history. I urge people to get involved and support this project in whichever way they can"
Danny Rich

Rabbi Danny Rich
Liberal Judaism CEO
"I am honoured to support Rainbow Jews and to celebrate the huge positive contribution that Jewish people make to the LGBT community and to our wider society. Jewish and LGBT people share many parallels of oppression and of triumph over adversity. As victims of prejudice, it is important for us to stand together united against all hate."
Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell
Human Rights Defender

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